Sustainability Workshops by AthensFashionClub, Modtissimo58, Portugal

Two different Workshops in the same field: Sustainable Fashion and Circular Economy. Both of the trainers will describe new approaches and how circular fashion ensures a more sustainable future for the planet and the next generations.

Workshop: How to incorporate Zero Waste and Upcycling techniques in your Sustainable Fashion Brand, using materials from Portuguese Manufactures.

Trainer: Maria Vytinidou, Conscious Designer, Chemist B.Sc., M SC., MBA,  Founder of AthensFashionClub Fashion School

About the Workshop:

  • Sustainability should be a growing concern for all the designers because of the environmental pollution. The designers should consider themselves as a part of the solution and not as a part of the problem. The future of the fashion industry depends on the proper training of young designers on sustainable techniques and new business models and how they integrate these into the way they design and operate their businesses. Using Zero Waste and Upcycling techniques to create a collection, can be a slow and complicated procedure, but on the other hand it is refreshing creativity and the designer can create unique masterpieces. Maria Vytinidou, Conscious designer, will describe her approach in Sustainable and Circular Fashion by using materials from Portuguese Manufactures as well as the way a fashion brand can transform its traditional linear fashion model into a circular system.

Workshop : Sustainable Strategies and New Business Models for Fashion Brands

Trainer: Evangelos Dimitrakopoulos: Textile Engineer B.SC., M.Sc., General Director AthensFashionClub

About the Workshop:

  • This Workshop focuses on the strategies that a fashion company must adopt in its business model so that it can be characterized as a <<Green Company>>. In terms of Marketing, Sustainability should be a whole process for a fashion brand, including designing timeless collections, selecting Eco fabrics and materials, packaging, using Zero Waste, recycling and upcycling techniques, operating sustainable retail stores and creating sorting facilities. The aim of the seminar is to simplify the complex idea of sustainable fashion into clear digestible resources and actions. All the areas and possible actions of a company will be presented, where new sustainability strategies must be implemented.

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